Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ramping Up (Mavrick Allstars #1) by Zoe Dawson

The world of extreme sports just got a little steamier! Zoe Dawson’s pulse-pounding, emotional series follows the wily young female agents of Mavrick Allstars as they chase their dreams—and meet the chiseled athletes who make them come true.

Helena “Lena” Mavrick is ready to prove that she can play with the big boys. Working at her father’s internationally renowned agency, Mavrick Allstars, Lena sets her sights on one of the most coveted phenoms out there: a twenty-four-year-old surfer caught ripping it in a viral skateboarding video. Signing him would be a huge win—and his marketing appeal isn’t the only thing that makes Lena’s heart skip a beat. Trouble is, fraternizing with the client is against company policy.

Professional surfer Gunner Smith lives under the absolute control of his coach—until he takes the ultimate risk and starts over as a skateboarder. Gunner swore he wouldn’t give up his freedom again, but Lena’s out-of-the-blue offer makes him think long and hard. She’s smart, she’s bold, she’s got sponsors lined up around the corner—plus she’s drop-dead gorgeous. He’s just not sure his coach will let him get away that easily, because he’s not just Gunner’s coach, he’s also his father.

Gunner is used to hiding his tortured past. But when his steamy affair with Lena threatens their future, he must decide whether he will sacrifice everything for the woman who’s stolen his heart.

My review:
Ramping Up is a sports romance with a twist or two. Bad boy Gunner Smith has had enough! Enough of his life as a professional surfer, enough of dealing with his abusive alcoholic father, and now his sleazy agent has dropped him because he lost a sponsor. ENOUGH! Gunner takes his frustrations out at the skateboard park and is secretly filmed. When one door closes another opens the video goes viral and catches the attention of Helena Mavrick of Mavrick Allstars Agency. She makes it her mission to represent Gunner and turn him into a skateboarding star.  And this is where the story begins.
Told with a sense of humor this sometimes angsty tale is sweet and sexy read. Gunner is a hot troubled young man with a heart of gold. Helena is smart, driven and she too has a heart of gold, When these two meet magic happens.  But the road to happiness is paved with obstacles that these two will have to overcome. I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to more in this series.

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