Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Justice For Angie by Cara Carnes

She’s never met a fight she couldn’t win…until now.

After brutally murdering someone in Angie Bierman’s dojo, the killer targets her first and then people she cares about to scare her off the investigation. Determined to prevent further tragedy, she does the one thing she can to keep them safe—run. Six months and ten cities later, she’s financially destitute, emotionally spent, and desperate for help in the relentless fight for her life. One close call too many brings her into contact with an elite organization. Their offer to help is too good to be true. The ruggedly handsome operative promising to put himself between her and the psychopath hunting her may have no intension of mixing business with pleasure, but he’s a temptation she can’t resist.  

There’s no line he won’t cross…  

John “Twitch” Stanz spent years serving his country and returned home to help his friends run Counterstrike—an organization created to help individuals caught up in impossible situations. Despite all the lives he’s helped save before, the fearless, beautiful woman now in his charge is a danger he’s never faced. She’s tenacious, passionate, and everything he could ever want, but the beast chasing her won’t stop until she’s dead.

Twitch will use every resource at his disposal to keep Angie alive even if that means taking the bullet for her.

My review:
Justice For Angie features a kick butt heroine that I absolutely adored. Angie is strong, smart and like so many heroes a bit bull headed. She is on the run after digging into a client’s murder. The murderer wants her dead but like so many they’ve underestimated her ability to take care of herself. Eventually she recognizes she needs help and that’s where our hero enters. John “Twitch” Stanz is a gentle giant unless you are trying to hurt a woman or a child. Angie isn’t afraid of him and their close confinement allows them to get to know each other quickly. The killer is a surprise and an intriguing twist. I loved this book. It is part of a series but can be read standalone.

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