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A Little Harmless Faith: Wulf Siblings Trilogy, Book One (Harmless, #13) by Melissa Schroeder

A Little Harmless Faith: Wulf Siblings Trilogy, Book One (Harmless, #13) 
by Melissa Schroeder

What can a Dom do, when he realizes the one woman he could never live without in business is the woman he needs in his bed?
Jensen Wulf has everything a man could want. Money, power, and more women than he can count. Unfortunately, the one woman he needs is the one woman who is off limits. His personal assistant practically runs his entire family business and any entanglements with her would be a mistake. Still, his infatuation turns to obsession when he realizes she is secretly a submissive.

Nicola McCann knows dreams don’t always come true. She walked away from an olympic career and knows there is no future for her and Jensen beyond the job. It doesn’t stop her from fantasizing about him. He is the ultimate Dom and the sub in her wants him more than her next breath. When he discovers her secret, she gives into her needs with one rule: their D/s relationship ends when they leave Hawaii.

That agreement doesn’t keep either of them from falling in love, even though neither of them will admit it. When someone starts taking potshots at Wulf Industries and Nicola gets caught in the crossfire, both of them will learn that there are worse things than admitting love.

>>Warning: This book contains two hard-headed lovers, many nasty quips, uncovered secrets, Hawaiian scenery, a trip to Rough n Ready, spankings, and scenes so hot you might need an ice cold shower when you are done.

My review:
A Little Harmless Faith is a boss to lover story that will have you sweating and leave you with a smile. Olympic caliber ice skater Nicola McCann walked away from it all and became a sober companion. Four years ago she was convinced to become a sober companion to British nobility bad boy Jensen Wulf. She’s been working for him ever since. She is a damn good PA. He finds himself wanting her in ways a boss oughtn’t. Her past has taught Nicola not to believe in love or romantic relationships can these two damaged people find their way into each other’s arms?
Hot Hawaiian nights and steamy days will have you flipping pages for more than a breeze. I love this series and find this book a happy addition.

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