Friday, January 29, 2016

Scent of Madness (Black Hills Wolves #40) by Heather Long

While their Alpha fights to survive, an elusive killer hunts among their pack, slaying humans and the wolves who mated them. The Enforcer’s rigid rule and terse attitude have everyone uneasy. On the hunt for madness, he may lose everything…

Ryker continues to hunt for the elusive murderer. The others have eliminated several suspects, but tensions in the Black Hills have never been higher. For all of his experience in hunting and dealing with the wolves, Ryker has never found himself torn between two loves before—to be the killer he is, means he has to turn off the softer side Saja awoke in him.

Saja’s life with the wolves is nothing she would ever have imagined. Being the center of Ryker’s attention is both a blessing and a curse, but her mate’s gentle, indulgent nature seems to be a thing of the past. While she understands his remoteness comes from a place where caring and fear collide, she doesn’t want to lose Ryker to the madness creeping through the pack.

Clashes with Colt and several other dominants heighten the danger, and Ryker refuses to allow her out of his sight unless she is with Gee. When the killer sets his sights on her, will the Enforcer drive his mate away rather than lose her?

My review:
Scent of Madness is the amazing finale to the four book series with in a series.  Scent of Murder by Cara Carnes, Scent of the by Cam Cassidy, Scent of His Woman by Rebecca Royce and Scent of Madness by Heather Long. They can technically be read standalone but are really each a part of a whole story arc. 
In Scent of Madness we find out who is killing the human mates and why. We also get to take a peek into Ryker and Saja’s life. Ryker has been doing the best he can under trying circumstances as he has always done. And despite being a hardass I can’t say I found a wolf I admire more. This is a heart wrenching tale that will leave you with hope and a smile.

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